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Men and Rape Culture

It seems like more and more, the voices of women are crying out for a solution – what can be said about men and rape culture?

Men and Rape Culture

WARNING: Mature written content and trigger warning

You’ve probably seen recently the horrendous actions of the former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner. His recent actions and the incredibly lenient 6 month sentence given to him by a judge have been the subject of enormous public uproar. He has officially been banned for life by USA Swimming, and public outcry is demanding greater justice with both his actions, and also the ruling of the judge. I believe the only appropriate word you could call it is a “travesty”. Continue reading

What “I Don’t Need A Man / I Don’t Need A Woman” Really Means

When people say “I don’t need a man / I don’t need a woman”, are they saying what they really mean?

I Dont Need A Man I Dont Need A Woman

Well, ladies and gents, it’s that time again. Time to look at another one of those often used statements that we all know and love, and have a look at what we really mean when we say it. Today’s statement:

“I don’t need a man / I don’t need a woman”

Brought to you today by our modern society, our emphasis on independence… and maybe some other factors affecting us in life. Continue reading

Matt Answers ANYTHING

You asked, I answered. From the Lego Hair on my head to why I talk about relationships so much, here are the honest answers to your questions. Here is where Matt answers anything.

Matt Answers Anything

So a while ago I put it out to my readers to ask me whatever they wanted. Last week, I had a number of people come up to me and ask, “Hey Matt, you haven’t answered my question yet”. Looking at it, it’s actually been months since I originally put the challenge out there, so… sorry it took so long.

This one is for you.

These questions come from readers all around the world. Those who know me in person, and those who don’t. Hopefully this is a chance for you to get to know me better, and just to have some fun. Any topic was up for grabs. Here we go!

Continue reading

Can Women Pursue Men, Or Should Men Pursue Women?

Time for one of those questions which spawns the age old debate – can women pursue men, or should men pursue women?

Source: Sony

Source: Sony

It seems whenever the conversation of relationships come up, there are always a few divisive questions that arise. I’ve written about a bunch of them before, and they’ll probably appear to the side or at the bottom of this article as related topics. But certainly one of those heat and decision/indecision generating questions is the question of pursuit. Namely, who should pursue who? Should a man pursue a woman out of some eternal calling, or are women allowed to register interest with men? For men, they want to see if there’s any room for a woman to go first, or whether or not they should feel like a wimp because someone just asked them out. And for women, it’s a question that drives the relational decisions of whether or not a male should be classified as a man or as a coward… or it’s a source of frustration when they start to like someone.

So… what’s the answer? It sounds kinda silly to some people, but to others the answer to this question can feel like life or death, freedom or torture, waiting or acting. Continue reading

5 Things about Men I’m Surprised Women are Surprised About

“Isn’t he supposed to be…?” – here are 5 things about men I’m surprised women are surprised about.

Women Are Surprised About

Source: DPC

One of my favourite things to do in my introspective downtime is to think about some of the consistent statements I encounter in my life. “All women are the same” – I hear this one all the time. I’ve always been more interested in the reasons why people say it more than what they’ve actually said – usually they mean the last 2 or 3 women I’ve encountered/dated/had to talk to have similar approaches to life and problems. “I’m not ready for a relationship” – the apparent catchphrase of modern dating, and the subject of one of my most popular blog posts of all time. Similarly, “Guarding your heart” is another one that comes up a lot that I took some time to write about.

And today, I’m going to cheat a bit and group a bunch of these together in a category that actually catches me off guard – the things about men I’m surprised women are surprised about. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why I Value Women

It should never be about one gender without the other. Here are 7 reasons why I value women.

7 Reasons Why I Value Women

Source: DPC

If you follow me on Facebook, you will have seen two items of note recently. One is that I was recently featured on Thought Catalog, and the second being that I’ve put out there an opportunity to Ask Me Anything. Like literally, anything. One of my next blog posts will be where I grab a whole bunch of these and go nuts. The response so far has been pretty good actually, with a big mix of funny personal questions (like one about my notorious hair style), to some more serious ones. If you haven’t gotten in on it yet, jump on Facebook and send me a line, either via a comment or message up there.

One of them that came in courtesy of a female friend was the question, “Why do you value women?”. I thought this one was interesting enough to warrant a post of its own. Continue reading

The Motherhood Dream

“I want to be a mum” – the cry of many a woman’s heart. But how are we approaching the motherhood dream in the 21st century?

Motherhood Dream

Source: DPC

I often find myself writing about fathers. Being a guy, I guess I sort of gravitate towards that side of parenthood. The restoration, preservation and equipping of fathers is something that is very close to my heart. I most recently wrote about my thoughts on the men who stay and the men who leave, and what we might be able to do in those more difficult situations.

But recently I’ve been finding myself in conversations about motherhood. No, I’m not expecting, and that’s not how it works… but I’ve had a number of the women in my world recently bring up this desire to be a mother, and bring it up rather emphatically. And not just, “hey yeah cool I’d like to be a mum one day”, but more like “seriously this is the biggest desire in my whole life”. Younger people, older people, and all those in between – it’s been amazing just how many people have been talking about it so openly.

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. Continue reading

Why Christian Girls Date Non-Christian Guys

It seems like more and more church-going ladies are looking outside their faith for romance. Here are some real reasons Christian girls date non-Christian guys.



The search for love is different for everyone. For some, it’s a relatively quick and easy process to find the man or woman you’d love to spend the rest of your life with. For others, it’s a drawn out search and pursuit eventually leading to someone being won over. For others, it’s like banging your head against a brick wall trying to work out what the heck is going on with your love life.

And then there’s the question of who you should date. Continue reading

The Truth Behind 50 Shades of Grey

One of the best selling books of recent memory is coming to a screen near you. Here’s the truth behind 50 Shades of Grey.

50 Shades

Source: Universal

Over the last little while I’ve been to the movies quite a few times. Of course, I had to see Part 3 of The Hobbit on Boxing Day, which was a fitting end to Peter Jackson’s work on the LOTR story (for now). I saw The Imitation Game starring this year’s flavour of the month, Benedict Cummerbatch (seriously, that guy is in everything). I even went to see Unbroken and the new Penguins of Madagascar movie, among others. Good time of year for catching friends over a flick.

And in every cinema, for every suitably rated film, enter the trailer for the film adaption of E. L. James’ series, 50 Shades of Grey. Continue reading

I Wish There Were More Female Role Models

To be honest, I wish there were more female role models. And it’s not the younger generation I’m most concerned for…

Role Models For WomenAmanda Bynes. I grew up watching her in such Nickelodeon classics as All That and The Amanda Show (Manda Manda Manda Manda Manda, Shooooooow). She was a paragon of her kind, a great example of a young lady who successfully negotiated the teen years and made it out alive. Kids could watch her shows and you could trust amidst all the funnies, that your kids were watching someone trustworthy. A child star who truly bucked the trend of where most child stars end up.

Sadly, in her late 20s, she too was pressured by fame and joined the ranks of many a female role model who is now the target of tabloids and gossip columns expounding her every move. Where once parents were happy to have their children aspire to be like her, now they’re a bit more hesitant.

Such is the realm of female role models.  Continue reading

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