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Becoming A Dog Owner (500k Visitor Special)

In honour of a significant milestone for the blog, I thought I'd write about something a little different. Here is some insight into my journey in becoming a dog owner.In the years of writing this blog, I have been truly humbled by the amount of readership and feedback I have been getting. This isn't a monetized blog, I don't make any living from it whatsoever, but early on I had been told by quite a large number of people that they enjoyed the things I would write about the journeys of life and love online. And so, Walking The Shoreline ...

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Do You Make It Awkward For People To Get To Know You?

Whether you're looking for a date, trying to make some new friends, or attempting to sustain an existing relationship, are you the one to make it awkward for people to get to know you?Source: ParamountIf you know me, you'll know I love talking to people about the relationships in their lives. Relationships are usually the greatest source of joy or the greatest source of distress in our lives. I find talking about them the most pertinent way to find out how a person is really doing in life. No matter what achievements or lack thereof clutter the surface of conversation, ...

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The Creepy Guy Quiz - Find out if you're a creepo!

Are you a creepy guy? Do women die a little inside when they see that face pop up? Take this Creepy Guy Quiz and find out!Source: NBCI know. You probably think you're a nice guy. You've got it going on like Diddy Kong. You put the fine in financially stable. You put the man in can't manage how hot you are. But do you put the bleh in bleh stop talking to me what are you doing?Ah, well if you ever questioned whether or not you fit into that category or not, this specially designed Creepy Guy Quiz will help you ...

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I Shouldn't Have to Change for Love... Really?

A statement that sounds like wisdom is that you shouldn't have to change for love. But how wise is it really?Source: Pexels"I'd like a relationship, but I shouldn't have to change for love", she said. An interesting statement that I've heard many times. Having brought the dating arrangement to an abrupt end, she was pretty adamant that his desire for her to change was what was ruining things. "That's right", her friends said, "you shouldn't have to settle for someone who wants things to be different".I agreed. There was too many compromises being made in that relationship. They were being ...

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9 Obstacles to Sexual Utopia

Everyone wants a great sex life, but not everyone would describe their sex life as great. Here are 9 obstacles to sexual utopia.Source: Warner BrosMature written content warning, reader discretion advised.Sex is a massive part of a person's life. Whether it's the sex they have or the sex they don't, so many of our decisions and much of our life satisfaction is centered around how we're feeling in this department. You don't have to look very far to see how pervasive sexual issues and identity are in our world today, especially given the current political climate, the renewed discussions around ...

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Christmas Is About You

Presents, relatives, memories, nostalgia, holidays and relationships. Out of all the many things that make up the holiday season, ultimately Christmas is about you.This year, my wife and I are already way ahead on the Christmas movie schedule. My all-time favourite, The Muppet Christmas Carol, has already made an appearance, as well as The Santa Clause, The Grinch (Jim Carrey), and the new Grinch with Benedict Cumberbatch. On top of the movies, the tree was up in early December, we have already been to multiple Christmas parties, and I've added a new Santa hat into the rotation. The shopping centres ...

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When Everything Changes - 2018 In Review

Engagement, marriage, new work, drastically different commitments, and a set up for a big future - 2018 was really a picture of life when everything changes.Soooo much happened this yearI am writing this blog in week 51 out of 52 weeks in the year. Can you believe it's already been another year? It can seem at times when all you have to do is blink and bam, you're having to remember which number you're supposed to write down in those date boxes again. A new year brings the hope of something new, whilst the end of the old year tails ...

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Source: Focus Features (and a brilliant move on this topic!)

7 Things To Consider Before Throwing Your Relationship Away

When things don't go the way you hoped, breaking it off with someone seems to be the most viable option. Here are 7 things to consider before throwing your relationship away. I'm writing this towards one of the most reflective times of the year - Christmas. Like birthdays and New Year's Eve, it's one of those repeated items of the calendar that make you think about this time last year. It's one of those times you reconsider everything in your life - your work life, how close you are to achieving your dreams, the decisions you've made this year, and - ...

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Why Hasn't God Healed Me Yet?

Heartache, sickness, that longstanding condition that just won't leave you alone, or the unanswered prayer that constantly breaks your heart. Why hasn't God healed me yet? People go through all sorts of afflictions and setbacks in life. Some are minor, like learning your favourite barista has moved shops and you have to put up with the new one's definition of cappuccino, missing the 10% off sale, or not being able to find where all your left socks are going. There are others in the moderate range, like being turned down for a date after you've met someone you seem to click ...

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Have You Missed The One? In Search Of The Soulmate

Have you already missed the best person for your life? Have you missed 'the one"? Or is your soulmate still out there? If you know me, you know I always take note when someone mentions a greater struggle taking place in their lives. I seem to have some sort of a fascination with the bigger reasons behind why people do things, and some people have learned not to mention certain things around me because I'm likely to ask a lot about it. I'm also interested in why people don't do things. I really find it hard at times to shake certain ...

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