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6 Ways To Be A Terrible Husband

No man starts out wanting to be this way, but that's sometimes where we end up. Here are 6 ways to be a terrible husband.Source: Sony"You're not hearing what she's saying, Matt".Krys is a sharpshooting older gentleman who wanted to have a chat to me during the dating phase with my now wife. I was startled as he ran through some examples of how I wasn't hearing what she was saying and how instead I should be picking up on things.But I was known as someone who helped many people with relationships, and people had so many praiseworthy comments about ...

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Feeling Alone At Christmas Is The Worst Feeling In The World

It's a time when you're supposed to be happy, but a nightmare when you're not. Feeling alone at Christmas is the worst feeling in the world.Photo by cottonbro from PexelsOr at least it's definitely up there.Christmas is a time where there are many images of joy displayed throughout the world, bombarded into our eyes and minds from every conceivable angle. Smiling children, singing carolers, joyous gift recipients and very content and full feast goers. The colours are bright, the music is upbeat, and the mood is entirely festive.All this can be quite hard when you don't feel any of that on the inside.I'm ...

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Was 2020 The Worst Year Ever? Sowing in Famine - 2020 In Review

It's cool to hate on this year, but is 2020 the worst year ever? Here's my annual review of the year that was - the good, the bad, and the ugly.Mr Walking The Shoreline going Walking The Shoreline with the fam in OctoberWith a final few weeks to go until the start of a new year (seriously!!), the excitement is palpable. All the memes are out in force to pretend 2020 never existed, to flush it out of our lives, to be the year that never happened. A lot of things went wrong in the world this year, and it's ...

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10 Christmas Movies That Are Actually Great

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but a lot of holiday movies deserve a lump of coal. Here are 10 Christmas movies that are actually great.Source: Universal PicturesWe watched the new Lego Star Wars Holiday Special last night and it was a decently amusing love letter to Star Wars. Of course, it's also 3000 times better than the original Star Wars Holiday Special which even George Lucas may or may not have said he would take a hammer and destroy every last copy of it. That said, the original did actually give us Boba Fett and result in ...

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10 Ways To Minimize Fights In Marriage and Love

When the relationship is at peace, it can be heaven on earth; when it's not, it can be a living hell. Here are 10 ways to minimize fights in marriage and love.Source: Netflix (and still a really great movie)It seems all of us know the couple who is always fighting. Or maybe even a few of them. I went on a bit of a movie kick again recently, rewatching some oldies but goodies, and pretty much every movie or TV show with a relationship between a man and a woman in it, you're guaranteed to see them not getting along. ...

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People Who Love And Create Drama Have One Thing In Common

People who love and create drama - we all know them, but how do you deal with them? It helps to recognize they usually have one thing in common.Photo by Odonata Wellnesscenter from PexelsThis has been a rough year for the world. There have been a huge number of tumultuous events, all exacerbated by one of the most impactful plagues in the last 100 years. In the midst of it, I have recently been reading a number of articles claiming that this has been the year that the "Tin Hats" have been vindicated. That is to say, the people who have lived in ...

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Amazing Shows From Japan: 15 of the Best Anime... Ever

The world of anime has brought us some bizarre, over-the-top, and absolutely awesome entertainment. Here are 15 amazing shows from Japan. Source: Toho AnimationGrowing up in Australia there was an old show called CheezTV. If you were under 15 anywhere in the country, you were probably up in the mornings before school getting introduced to this whole new world of TV from The Land Of The Rising Sun thanks to this show. And then something amazing happened - Cartoon Network launched Toonami, their bold venture in exposing the Western world to a lot of the animation that no one else ...

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Why I'll Know It When I See It In Love Doesn't (Usually) Work

Significant numbers of people offer the advice that "you'll just know" when finding love, but is it actually right? Here's why I'll Know When I See It in love doesn't (usually) work.Source: TriStarFinding, keeping, and committing to love can take a very long time to get right. And there's so much advice out there! How many dates you should go on before certain stages, whether or not you should be all in or treat-em-mean-keep-em-keen, how to be true to yourself whilst also open to someone else.And one of the more common pieces of advice I hear people being given is ...

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My Problem With Modern Worship Songs

Too emotional? Too commercialized? Too "Jesus is my Boyfriend"? Here is my problem with modern worship songs.Source: Elevation WorshipProbably worth mentioning from the start that this post is a bit more targeted towards readers of a Christian faith, but you're welcome to keep reading no matter what walk of life you're from.Ah, the modern worship song. Few things stir more controversy in the hearts of the faithful. Whether it be a rock and roll upbeat anthem or a melancholic ballad, it seems the singing aspect of church services is under constant scrutiny.The writer or producer of the song/s don't seem ...

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A Married Man’s Response to Cuties and #CancelNetflix

A Married Man's Response to Cuties and #CancelNetflix

I really try to avoid hating on things, but with #CancelNetflix and Cuties trending like mad around this film and after seeing in more detail why, I really need to say something. Here is my response to #CancelNetflix and Cuties.Source: NetflixMature written content warningForeign film Cuties stirred a lot of controversy on original screening and even moreso when Netflix released a poster seen to be hyper sexualising children. After a brave reviewer shared a 90 second clip from the movie this morning, I've gotta say...The old poster is really tame in comparison, and the true problem with that controversial poster ...

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