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Children Are Not Their Parents: The Rise Of Skywalker Spoilers Review

Episode 9 in a sentence - children are not their parents. To say any more than that... well, spoilers. Here is my Rise Of Skywalker spoilers review.Source: DisneyIn case it wasn't clear enough already, spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker to follow.Like Avengers: Endgame, Episode 9 of Star Wars is impossible to talk about without talking spoilers, especially since the first few minutes of the movie are loaded with them. So like I have with the previous entries in the sequel trilogy, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, I thought I'd give Episode 9 the same treatment. This is ...

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When Will Christmas Be Happy?

One of the deepest questions of this season isn't around presents, lights, carols or shops - it's this: When will Christmas be happy?Source: Universal. Also, Arthur is a doodley-dooChristmas really is one of the most unique times of the year. I'm walking around Australian shops in 40 degree heat and our country is currently facing a huge bushfire crisis, but at the same time, all the songs playing are about winter wonderlands and letting it snow and the carol of the winter bells... and everyone seems to find it completely normal. Shops are open later providing more opportunities to shop, ...

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Me at Mars Hill, Athens this year - where reality was much better than expectations!

The Constant Struggle of Expectations vs. Reality - 2019 In Review

Through the ups and downs of the year, one thing is clear - 2019 has been a classic example of the constant struggle of expectations vs. reality.Me at Mars Hill, Athens this year - where reality was much better than expectations!The end of the year is one of the most reflective times in our calendar. Please join me in looking back on my year with a lot of "oh yeah that happened" and "oh wow that happened?", and hopefully in finding something useful reflecting on your own.If you're joining me for the first time, I usually like to write a ...

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What Porn Teaches Us About Men

A lot of gents seem to really like it, but we don't always think about the reasons why. Here's what porn teaches us about men. Source: StockMature written content warning.It seems porn probably has never been more mainstream than it is today. Once a back corner wink wink nudge nudge sort of topic, we see its impact daily in a number of areas. Streaming services and big TV productions now feature high levels of sexual content that would have once been considered hardcore porn. Between 1998 and 2005, one study showed an increase of 14% in shows having sexual content, ...

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Why Men Need Purpose, Direction, and Income

"I want a man who's unemployed, lazy and directionless", said no woman ever. Here's why men need purpose, direction, and yes - income.Source: Warner Bros (and a really brilliant movie)The last post I did was a response to a very popular ABC article about man drought in the faith community. That post definitely got a lot of attention and a large number of readers in a short time. It's a topic that really resonated with a number of women who feel like it's extremely hard to find someone to settle down with. In that post, I tried to rebalance a ...

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Is There Really A Christian Man Drought?

What do you do when it feels like there's no one out there for you? Are we really in the middle of a Christian man drought?Source: Wong Fu Productions (from the brilliant Single By 30 on YouTube Premium)It's been a little while since I've last posted something here.That's because my wife and I have been in Europe for our anniversary. We wentacross England, Ireland, France and Greece. From London to Stratford to Galwayto Paris to Athens, and even more places in between, we're back and refreshed,ready for the next chapter of life.I returned from our holiday to find that the ...

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Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

8 Ways to Recover From Burnout

It's a terrible thing trying to lead a full life while running on empty. Here are 8 ways to recover from burnout.Photo by Craig Adderley from PexelsThere are few things worse than having the desire to live life to the best of your ability when your energy is absolutely sapped. When you know there are so many things you should or could be doing, but you're just not able to do it like you used to. It's normal to go through times in your life where you get tired, especially if you're doing a lot. Holidays, weekends, nights in, and ...

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Is Tall Poppy Syndrome Killing Your Relationships?

Call it narcissism, call it selfish, call it TPS - we see it in our society, but can we see it in our connections? Tall poppy syndrome is killing your relationships.Source: DisneyWe've recently been rewatching Seinfeld of all shows. One that came on today was where Jerry, doing quite well financially, decides to buy his father a new car. Unfortunately for Jerry's dad, it attracts the ire of some very jealous and sour people who see it as a status symbol and they vote him out of an important position as a result. This is a pretty good picture of ...

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8 Ways All Marriages Are The Same

No two couples are alike, but we have more in common than you might think. Here are 8 ways all marriages are the same.Source: PexelsMarriage is the joining of two individuals together. If you've ever met two individuals and known them for any length of time, you would know that despite how similar even the most similar people are, they're still worlds apart in a lot of ways. As such, you look at any couple, and you'll see areas where they are vastly different from other couples - how they spend their time, what they do with their money, who ...

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Celibacy Syndrome, Rejection, and Preferring Sex With A Screen

Japan is experiencing a phenomenon known as celibacy syndrome, but it isn't the only country where people are preferring sex with a screen over real relationships. Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels Mature written content warning, reader discretion advised.I recently read an article on Fight The New Drug about how Japan's death rate has surpassed the birth rate by quite a margin. As someone who loves Japanese culture and has been to 14ish cities in the Land of the Rising Sun, I was curious to read more. Multiple studies have confirmed that the youth of Japan have grown disinterested in romantic relationships with the ...

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