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Oppenheimer’s Most Poignant Scene Isn’t About Science

Trigger warning for mental health/suicide, and moderate spoilers.

Nolan is one of my favourite directors and he didn’t pull any punches on a complex issue. Here’s why Oppenheimer’s most poignant scene has nothing to do with science.

Oppenheimer's most poignant scene - nothing to do with science
Source: Universal Pictures

I recently wrote in my big “Oh Hai Everyone I Back From Paternity Leave And New Youngun Crazy Times” post last week that I was fortunate to get some time recently to go see Christopher Nolan’s newest movie, Oppenheimer. Ideally would have loved to do the Barbenheimer duo that most Americans were raving about for weeks, but I’m sure I’ll get to see the other side of the big movie day coin soon.

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Is It Harder To Date As A Christian?

Is the faith factor playing against your love life? Let’s have a look at whether or not it is harder to date as a Christian.

Is It Harder To Date As A Christian?
Photo by Jep Gambardella via PEXELS

Dating can be really, really easy for some people. They meet someone, a week later they are already in the “hanging out” phase, and then six months later there’s a ring or two involved. I’ve known quite a few couples in this boat where things have gone exactly like this and they’re still doing really well years later.

These are probably the few people who everyone wants to be like. Unfortunately, these are the minority that the majority wishes they were like. I know I wasn’t in this boat.

For everyone else, dating can be really, really hard.

My main exposure to the current state of the dating market is largely in Christian circles. I am super involved in church life and a large number of my currently single friends are Christians across various churches. And as people head into their late 20s, 30s, even 40s, and still not able to find someone they deem to be suitable (or someone who deems them suitable in return), it can be an extremly frustrating experience.

And you begin to wonder… is it harder to date as a Christian than otherwise? Is my faith causing me additional grief in the area of dating?

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8 Things That Kill Your Marriage (If Left Unaddressed)

Could you be directly (or indirectly) ruining what could be great? Here are 8 things that kill your marriage… if left unaddressed.

8 Things That Kill Your Marriage If Left Unaddressed
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

John and Helen Burns rightly observed that a good marriage is the closest to heaven on earth you can experience. Conversely, a bad or troubled marriage they say can be the closest thing to hell on earth.

Feeling trapped in your own house, unhappy with the thing you once dreamed about, at the end of the rope with this person you supposedly used to love at one point – these can feel like a nightmare without end, and a great source of exhaustion, shame, and pain.

The motiviation for this post was about a month ago reading thousands of comments on the work of Sharon Pope on Facebook, full of people publicly posting about the struggle they have of wanting their marriage to continue but not loving their husbands (overwhelmingly) any more. It really stuck with me to see just how distraught so many people have been feeling trapped in their relationships and wanting to end it.

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Do You Really Want To Marry Your Best Friend?

Words can say one thing, but dating habits can say another – are you sure you really want to marry your best friend?

Do you really want to marry your best friend?
Source: Lionsgate, and easily one of my favourite movies on this topic

Mature written content warning.

Everyone says being able to marry your best friend is the absolute goal when it comes to dating and marriage. I wholeheartedly agree to be honest. So much so that on our wedding day we made sure that the words of Bishop Jeremy Taylor were shared during our ceremony – that love is friendship set on fire. I’m very fortunate and blessed to say that years later this is still the case in ever increasing measure.

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How a Warped View of Forgiveness Enables Abuse and Destroys Lives

Christian teaching is big on forgiving, but have we missed something important? Here’s how a warped view of forgiveness enables abuse and destroys lives.

How a warped view of forgiveness enables abuse and destroys lives
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

I’m a big believer in forgiveness. Healing is often impossible without first forgiving. It’s something I’ve written a lot about and a quality I’ve endeavored to exemplify in my life. We can’t keep clinging on to the things of the past without sacrificing the health of our future.

Way, way easier said than done though.

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6 Ways To Be A Terrible Husband

No man starts out wanting to be this way, but that’s sometimes where we end up. Here are 6 ways to be a terrible husband.

6 ways to be a terrible husband
Source: Sony

“You’re not hearing what she’s saying, Matt”.

Krys is a sharpshooting older gentleman who wanted to have a chat to me during the dating phase with my now wife. I was startled as he ran through some examples of how I wasn’t hearing what she was saying and how instead I should be picking up on things.

But I was known as someone who helped many people with relationships, and people had so many praiseworthy comments about me, and I’d done so much research and study on the area… and and and…

And he was right. I had to change a few things.

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10 Ways To Minimize Fights In Marriage and Love

When the relationship is at peace, it can be heaven on earth; when it’s not, it can be a living hell. Here are 10 ways to minimize fights in marriage and love.

9 Ways to Minimize Fights in Marriage and Love
Source: Netflix (and still a really great movie)

It seems all of us know the couple who is always fighting. Or maybe even a few of them. I went on a bit of a movie kick again recently, rewatching some oldies but goodies, and pretty much every movie or TV show with a relationship between a man and a woman in it, you’re guaranteed to see them not getting along. It’s often used to comedic effect and often very successfully. “What’s with men and the Godfather?” – good ol classic from You’ve Got Mail comes to mind.

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A Married Man’s Response to Cuties and #CancelNetflix

I really try to avoid hating on things, but with #CancelNetflix and Cuties trending like mad around this film and after seeing in more detail why, I really need to say something. Here is my response to #CancelNetflix and Cuties.

My response to #CancelNetflix and Cuties
Source: Netflix

Mature written content warning

Foreign film Cuties stirred a lot of controversy on original screening and even moreso when Netflix released a poster seen to be hyper sexualising children. After a brave reviewer shared a 90 second clip from the movie this morning, I’ve gotta say…

The old poster is really tame in comparison, and the true problem with that controversial poster is this: it’s actually from the movie. I was wondering how a marketing department could misrepresent something in such great detail, and now I see that the image was missing the true extent of the gratuitous depiction of young children that’s actually on display. If they used another shot you may have thought you just saw a child’s genitals by accident.

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7 Dumb Reasons To Not Date Someone (Or To Break Up)

Are you being wise, particular, picky or just plain dumb? Here are 7 dumb reasons to not date someone or to break it off.

7 Dumb Reasons To Not Date Someone (or to break up)
Source: Lionsgate

Everyone loves the show Seinfeld. Well, most people. Before Parks and Rec, The Office, and Fresh Prince, there was the NBC prime time hit based on a New York dwelling comedian and his adventures in life and love with his three “friends”. Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer are timeless characters and still highly quotable to this day, and yet something remains true about them that actors and producers alike still cite about them.

They were terrible people and some of the most petty people around.

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