About Matt Clark

Matt Clark is the face behind Walking The Shoreline and has been producing meaningful online content for over 15 years. He is an IT professional, an Australian, a Christian, a husband, a father, a dog owner, a thinker, and a voice to encourage and champion people to become all they’re called to be throughout the seasons of life.

From the humble days of Bebo, MySpace, and Facebook Notes, Matt has been writing creative and heavily reflective content that continually garners interest and response from his connections and eventually a wider community. After receiving continued demand for something more public facing from scores of friends and community members, Matt launched Walking The Shoreline in 2014 inspired by some of his moments in life and a song by the band, Deas Vail.

His writing reflects his main four passions in life – people finding their purpose, developing and strengthening leaders, eradicating Western poverty (AKA the poverty of the boardroom), and seeing people connected in meaningful relationships.

Matt has had extensive experience leading and developing leaders in the corporate and volunteer setting. He has over 12 years as a software consultant where he has lead, advised, consulted and contributed to significant IT projects and liaised with all levels of enterprise, junior to executive, in both government and commercial sectors. More info on his professional work can be found on LinkedIn.

He has also actively involved in running, leading, and speaking at a number of community and life engagements. He has organised and hosted a number of charity auctions and trivia events, and has been a key leader and guest speaker for various large church teams and ministries for several years, from young adult leadership development to directing volunteers to community outreach to running weekly services.

In line with his four passions, he has also been the MC for several wedding receptions and is extremely passionate about people coming together in a meaningful way.

Matt enjoys hanging out with people, playing guitar, video games, drives out to mountains and lakes, regular church involvement, reading, and regularly catching up with as many people as he can. When he’s not at work or volunteering, you’ll either find him learning about or discussing some big life issue, talking life with someone, or enjoying some downtime (where he usually thinks up stuff to write and talk about). He loves to be real about real issues and appreciates others who do the same.

Matt and his wife Kristy live in Australia with their two daughters and their ridiculously cute miniature dachshund, Jazzy.

About Matt Clark