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You and I Know A Lot Of Great People

You and I know a lot of great people. And we can help empower them to become who they were born to be.

You And I Know A Lot Of Great People
Source: Paramount (and an inspiration for this post)

The other night we were out at a social event at one of Brisbane’s big evening markets with a bunch of people from our church. We had our Kiddo with us and the place was absolutely packed. Kiddo started getting mega hungry in the crowds and the waits, and with so many people around, there weren’t many places to be able to sit and eat properly. Throughout the night, a bunch of our friends chipped in to help with things that seemed really small to them – holding a bag, seeing if there was food still in the mouth cause we had to eat standing up, moving some rubbish – but if you’re a parent with a hungry kid, you know these “small” things actually make up a big deal.

It reminded me that I know a lot of great people.

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What The War In Ukraine Teaches Me About Humanity

War is terrible, and unfortunately a great revealer. Here are 5 things the war in Ukraine teaches me about humanity.

What the War In Ukraine Teaches Me About Humanity
Source: WIRED

Like most of us, February 24 2022 rolled around and I found myself checking my phone every few minutes of every day to see what on earth was happening in my lifetime.

It marked the beginning of the “special military operation” (Russia’s words) by the Russian Federation into the nation of Ukraine. President Putin had been repeatedly demanding his issues of NATO be resolved, and launched a sudden campaign to “denazify” Ukraine and free the eastern self-proclaimed (ish?) republics in the Donbass region.

However most shockingly, the invasion actually primarily focused around Kyiv. In 2022, a major world power tried to invade and capture the capital of another major world power, even via the lands of another world power in Belarus. It’s like the ghosts of Hitler and Stalin came back for another round.

It’s been devastating for so many people. The Ukranians of course, but also for the citizens of Russia. Whether it’s by bomb or economic sanction, life on both sides has been devastated.

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A Harvest of Great Joy – 2021 In Review

If 2020 was sowing in famine, 2021 was reaping a harvest of great joy. But joy isn’t always what it seems. Here’s my 2021 in Review.

A harvest of great joy - 2021 in review
Me, my dog, and my beautiful daughter from earlier in the year

Can you believe another year has already come and gone? So many things have happened this year that it feels to me like it’s been one very long day.

I guess most people think that 2020 was the worst year ever – Netflix even put out a special entitled “Death to 2020“. Looking around it would seem that the same feelings may be around for many people around 2021. But for me, if last year was about sowing in famine, this year is certainly about reaping a harvest of great joy.

Joy is an interesting thing though – more on that as we go through the year.

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Why I Got Vaccinated Against COVID-19

It seems even sex, politics, and religion have not inspired as much contention or division as this issue recently. Here’s why I got vaccinated against COVID-19.

Why I Got Vaccinated Against COVID-19
Photo credit Kenneth Yam Photography

NB. These views are my own.

It seems like just a short time ago when the anti-vax movement was the butt of every joke and meme for at least a year. Whether it was pulling old episodes of House MD, comparing anti-vax parents to Spongebob chickens or just outright criticism of the death of children, it seemed like a daily occurrence to see someone paying out those opposed to vaccines.

And then COVID happened.

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6 Things That Can Distract You From Your Purpose

There is no greater exhaustion than living dissatisfied. Here are 6 things that can distract you from your purpose.

6 Things That Can Distract You From Your Purpose
Source: Disney Pixar

I think it’s quite well chronicled that burnout is a devastating state to live in. When you’ve overexerted yourself physically, emotionally or spiritually, it can take quite a while to recover from it. In fact I know several people who never really have been the same since a stint with burnout. If you’re in that category I’ve been absolutely loving the writings of Carey Nieuwhof in this space – highly recommended.

But I think even more prevalent than this sort of exhaustion is the exhaustion that comes not from doing too much, but doing too little of what you should be doing. I believe all of us have a purpose to fulfil on this planet and I’m yet to meet a person who doesn’t have some sort of awareness that they were meant for more.

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6 Ways to Be More Outgoing (From A Legit Introvert)

Whether trying to build friendships, find a date, or make a difference, we all need to put ourselves out there. Here are 6 ways to be more outgoing, written by an introvert.

6 Ways To Be More Outgoing
Source: Universal

Well it’s been a hot minute since my last post indeed. In that time the world has more steadily begun to move towards being a more open place, or at least in my own country of Australia. Two states within the next few weeks are about to open borders and plans like COVID doesn’t exist anymore, with a number of the others well on their way.

One of the areas that seems to have taken the greatest hit during lockdowns and stop/start meetups is dating. I’ve spoken to a *lot* of singles over the past 18+ months who have expressed extreme frustration in this regard, even more than usual. But to be honest, it was well before a global pandemic where people still struggled to put themselves out there to try to make a love connection.

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5 Reasons You Keep Losing Friends and Close Relationships

Have you ever wondered, “Maybe it’s something I’m doing?”. Well, maybe it is. Here are 5 reasons you keep losing friends and close relationships… and how to fix that.

5 Reasons You Keep Losing Friends and Close Relationships (and how to fix that)
Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

“You say you want it, but then you complain when you get it!”. I stared her straight in the eyes as this frustrating conversation was underway. She had been very very adamant that this was what she wanted, but her actions weren’t lining up. It was so confusing to have her telling me and everyone else who would listen that this was what she wanted, but when she was being provided with it, she wasn’t taking it.

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Was 2020 The Worst Year Ever? Sowing in Famine – 2020 In Review

It’s cool to hate on this year, but is 2020 the worst year ever? Here’s my annual review of the year that was – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Was 2020 The Worst Year Ever?
Mr Walking The Shoreline going Walking The Shoreline with the fam in October

With a final few weeks to go until the start of a new year (seriously!!), the excitement is palpable. All the memes are out in force to pretend 2020 never existed, to flush it out of our lives, to be the year that never happened. A lot of things went wrong in the world this year, and it’s hard to blame a lot of people for feeling this way. I think that’s why everyone’s singing January, February, Quarantine, December.

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My Problem With Modern Worship Songs

Too emotional? Too commercialized? Too “Jesus is my Boyfriend”? Here is my problem with modern worship songs.

My Problem With Modern Worship Songs
Source: Elevation Worship

Probably worth mentioning from the start that this post is a bit more targeted towards readers of a Christian faith, but you’re welcome to keep reading no matter what walk of life you’re from.

Ah, the modern worship song. Few things stir more controversy in the hearts of the faithful. Whether it be a rock and roll upbeat anthem or a melancholic ballad, it seems the singing aspect of church services is under constant scrutiny.

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7 Things I Learned Because of Black Lives Matter #BLM

They told white people to listen, so as a white person I did just that. Here are 7 things I learned because of Black Lives Matter.

The Things I Learned Because of Black Lives Matter
Source: Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

If you’re reading this, you would probably already be well acquainted with Black Lives Matter, #BLM, All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, and a number of the movements that have been sparked in response to acts of police violence over the last few decades. Most recently, the death of George Floyd recorded on camera as four police officers stood around with one holding him in a chokehold has sparked global response. Mass protests, even during times of pandemic presence and strict distancing rules with COVID-19. Police departments being completely defunded. Constant debate in the news. Harsh conversations in person and on social media followed by a lot of anger, blocking, and termination of relationships.

You really need to have been living under a rock on a different planet to have not been affected by recent events.

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The Thing That Fills My Heart With Sorrow

I’m usually not the type to despair, but sometimes I do. Here is the thing that fills my heart with sorrow.

The thing that fills my heart with sorrrow... is anger
Source: The Australian

Our world is in one of its most trying times in existence. International borders closed, families and friends kept physically isolated for extended periods of time, bushfires and hurricanes, unknown and highly contagious diseases, injustice and violent protest. You’ve gotta wonder, what on earth could happen next? You hope for it to get better, but it’s very likely things will only continue to get worse.

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