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What Guarding Your Heart Really Means

For from it flows all the issues of life… Here’s a look at what guarding your heart really means.

What Guarding Your Heart Really Means

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One of the common approaches I’ve taken with a number of things I’ve written about is to think about some of the things that we say a lot, and explore what we really mean by that. After all, sometimes we say things we don’t fully mean, sometimes we say things that we don’t mean at all, and other times they’re dead on accurate but their implications reach further than just saying a few words. Some of the ones we’ve looked at so far are those more famous lines, such as saying I’m waiting, I’m not ready for a relationship, or one that we all use way too often – I’m too busy. These older posts are how a number of people have discovered this site, with many of us working out what these statements really mean when we’ve either heard them, or used them ourselves. All of these have also been requested topics by friends and readers.

And so today, we hit up another big expression that is used to explain and drive a lot of our behaviour in relating to each other, and one I’ve been asked a lot of times to write about – guarding your heart. Continue reading

5 Lies We Tell Ourselves

Dishonesty can be super destructive, but it’s even worse when the one lying to me is the man in the mirror. Here are 5 lies we tell ourselves.

Lies We Tell Ourselves

One of my favourite bands is going to be here in Brisbane in the next few weeks – TFK. Absolutely love those guys. Usually when I’m giving people a lift somewhere and they haven’t ridden with me before, people always comment that they’re surprised I listen to their style of music. Not many people pick me as a metal/rock fan, but when it comes to their music I can’t get enough of it. They do have quite a few more mellow acoustic ballads too, which make up some of my favourite songs of all time, but I do love their more grungy and heavy stuff too. No matter which style of song they’re doing, the boys at TFK have some of the best lyrics around. One of their songs set me on a line of thinking here –

Welcome to the Masquerade.

Continue reading

I Wish I Wasn’t Afraid

You know what I wish sometimes? I wish I wasn’t afraid. Fear holds us back from so much in life.

I Wish I Wasn't Afraid

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This year has been a pretty amazing year for me. There’ve been so many big changes happen, and it’s a far cry from last year. It’s been a similar year for so many other people in my life – new jobs, new relationships (there’s about a billion of these at the moment), new friendships, new career opportunities, new children. It seems like life is always presenting us with new opportunities, and so many of the ones that have been coming up have been those big ones taking people into their area of calling.

I get so annoyed at myself sometimes though. On the outside, I present myself as fairly confident. And I usually am. But when I get by myself, when I’m driving somewhere, when I’m thinking on things, when I’m about to go to sleep at night, sometimes I find myself trying to talk myself out of things. It’s illogical, it’s persistent, it’s a nagging thought… but I’ve learnt to call it by its true name – fear. And I wish I wasn’t afraid. But it’s something I find myself facing all too often. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Atheism Makes No Sense To Me

Religion is often dismissed as illogical and fairytale, but I find myself feeling that way about the secular alternative. Here are 7 reasons why atheism makes no sense to me.

Reasons Atheism Makes No Sense

And no, you’re not going to find Pascal’s Gambit here. Continue reading

Burnt Out At Church

Pastor, leader, volunteer or even attendee – there seems to be an epidemic of people getting burnt out at church.

Burnt Out At Church

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I think one of the great tragedies of church life is that so many people have been hurt in the church. The thing is, you don’t expect to be. Church is meant to be this wonderful place of healing and restoration for the generations. It’s meant to be the place you come to help find perspective for your big week. It’s meant to be the place where you find the rest your soul is longing for. And for a lot of people, it certainly is.

But for an increasingly growing number of people, church is the place they start to associate with frustration and exhaustion. Instead of healing for old wounds, it seems to be pretty good at creating new ones. Continue reading

Have I Made It Yet?

Spending my 20s hitting all the big milestones… apparently. Have I made it yet?


It’s been a little while, huh? Apologies for the lack of posts recently. If you’ve been following a few of my last posts or have spoken to me lately, you’ll know over the last 4 months or so i have been trying to purchase a house. After 37 inspections, 4 offers, and 2 contracts, I am happy to announce (if you didn’t know already) I found a really great place in the east of Brisbane. All the hard work finally paid off. I think it’ll take me a little while longer to get everything all set up, but it’s all well under way. Life is good.

As I was packing up and cleaning my old house, I had moved most of my furniture and stuff into the garage. I remember walking around the garage one night and thinking, wow, this is most of what they would call my “net worth”. My value according to that measurement could be measured in just about a double garage.

And it got me thinking about a question a lot of us ask, especially in our 20s and 30s…

Have I made it yet? Continue reading

7 Things People Always Blame

It’s my upbringing, or my personality, or the government, or that girl, or… here are 7 things people always blame.

7 Things People Always Blame

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In Australia, we pride ourselves on being what we call Aussie battlers. There’s always something we’re struggling against. I’m always telling foreigners who come to visit our country that almost everything can kill you. When they ask for the list, it goes something like – funnelweb spiders, redbacks, great white sharks, stingrays, dingoes, taipans, fierce snakes, brown snakes, fire tornadoes in the Simpson Desert, floods, bushfires, conefish, box jellyfish, kangaroos (if they kick you or hit your car), stagnant water… mate, everything’s out to get us.

Or is it? Continue reading

8 Pros and Cons of Waiting To Be Chosen

Is waiting to be chosen the right approach to take in life? Here are 8 pros and cons.

Waiting To Be Chosen

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Recently I’ve been thinking a lot more about the decision making process. I’ve been trying to buy a house lately, and it’s absolutely full on. I had some basic ideas on what’s involved, but I had no idea it was such a big emotional time, or that it would involve so much effort and energy. The ones to go for, the ones not to, the amount of your offer, the stipulations on your contract, just… ugh. Sometimes it’s a bit much. But it’s definitely all going to pay off in the end.

I’ve found myself comparing the experience of buying a house to a lot of other big decisions in life. The decision to settle down, the decision to study, the career you pick, the place of employment, the country you live in. All massive decisions to make. Because of my current mental state, I’ve been extremely attentive to when people discuss how they make decisions, and why. Continue reading

Facing Mental Health Issues

Anxiety, depression, dark thoughts and paralyzing emotions – it can be very difficult facing mental health issues.

Source: DPC

Mental health has been one of the largest areas of medical research in recent years, and rightly so. There seems to be an ever increasing amount of us who either have had some sort of mental health issue at some point, currently struggle with one, or know someone close to us who is. According to the Black Dog Institute, one in five Australians experience some sort of issue during a year.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you too have been affected by these issues in some way. Perhaps you are going through an issue yourself, or perhaps you have someone close to you in that boat, and you’re not sure what to do. Continue reading

Choosing Between Two Good Options

When you’re faced with equally good decisions, which path do you take? It can be pretty hard choosing between two good options… or more.

Choosing Between Two Good Options

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I’ve recently been in a very exciting season of life. Not gonna lie – it’s been quite stressful, a little bit tense, a little bit uneasy, and a little unsettling. But the step I’m making is something I’ve been aiming towards for a while, and it’s pretty great to be standing in the midst of it all. Continue reading

5 Reasons I Love Pastors and Christian Leaders

Some of the most undervalued people in our world, but a group very close to my heart – here are 5 reasons I love pastors and Christian leaders.

Reasons I Love Pastors and Christian Leaders

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I am quite actively involved in my local church. I get a lot of comments about it, usually from different people who see me serving in a lot of different areas. “Oh, you’re here too!”. Yep! Your friendly Lego Hair representative popping up all over the place. It’s because I’m a big believer in the message of the church and in the impact it has on people’s lives.

Tonight I was talking with a great couple that oversee one of the services I help out at, and I was telling them 7 reasons why I love them and why they’re great. In truth, Christian leaders are one of the biggest passion areas of my life. I have so much time for them – in fact, you’ll find most of my spare time is spent investing in people in those sorts of positions or roles, or just even listening to them. I don’t even see it as something that’s “nice to do” – for me, it’s a reason why I’m alive, and I don’t know of many better ways to spend my time. I could (and actually probably do) spend all my spare time celebrating those people who invest so much into others. I was even praying tonight, “Just give me pastors”. I love them so much. Continue reading

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