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Choosing Between Two Good Options

When you’re faced with equally good decisions, which path do you take? It can be pretty hard choosing between two good options… or more.

Choosing Between Two Good Options

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I’ve recently been in a very exciting season of life. Not gonna lie – it’s been quite stressful, a little bit tense, a little bit uneasy, and a little unsettling. But the step I’m making is something I’ve been aiming towards for a while, and it’s pretty great to be standing in the midst of it all. Continue reading

5 Reasons I Love Pastors and Christian Leaders

Some of the most undervalued people in our world, but a group very close to my heart – here are 5 reasons I love pastors and Christian leaders.

Reasons I Love Pastors and Christian Leaders

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I am quite actively involved in my local church. I get a lot of comments about it, usually from different people who see me serving in a lot of different areas. “Oh, you’re here too!”. Yep! Your friendly Lego Hair representative popping up all over the place. It’s because I’m a big believer in the message of the church and in the impact it has on people’s lives.

Tonight I was talking with a great couple that oversee one of the services I help out at, and I was telling them 7 reasons why I love them and why they’re great. In truth, Christian leaders are one of the biggest passion areas of my life. I have so much time for them – in fact, you’ll find most of my spare time is spent investing in people in those sorts of positions or roles, or just even listening to them. I don’t even see it as something that’s “nice to do” – for me, it’s a reason why I’m alive, and I don’t know of many better ways to spend my time. I could (and actually probably do) spend all my spare time celebrating those people who invest so much into others. I was even praying tonight, “Just give me pastors”. I love them so much. Continue reading

8 Songs That Really Spoke To Me

Ever have a song describe exactly how you’re feeling? Here are 8 songs that really spoke to me.

Songs That Really Spoke To Me

Everyone loves music. There’s something about someone singing it instead of saying it that all of a sudden gives a sentence so much more meaning. Music can take you on a journey or transport you to somewhere else. It can bring you back to a memory, or help set you free in a moment.

Like you, there’ve been many different times in my life where a song has spoken to me where I’m at. Here are 8 songs that really spoke to me.

And these are probably songs you haven’t heard of before. Continue reading

6 Not-So-Funny Contradictions In Life

Don’t you hate it when someone acts like a hypocrite? Whether it’s them, you, or me, these are 6 not-so-funny contradictions in life.

Contradictions of Life

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No one likes a hypocrite. If I asked you if you know any hypocrites, chances are you could list a bunch off right now. Usually we target those in politics or in the public eye who have famously said one thing, and then famously done another. We hammer celebrities like Miley Cyrus who have gone on the record of being anti-drugs, for instance, and next minute been busted for another crazy night out. Other times, we hammer family members or friends who we’ve seen up close and personal, and seen when their private behaviour is very different to what they want everyone else to believe.

In truth, all of us are guilty of living out a contradiction. Where we say one thing, but actually mean another. Where we say we believe in something, but our behaviour is completely the opposite. You know the drill. Continue reading

4 Ways You’re Probably Taking Yourself For Granted

The person who appreciates you the least may actually be the person reading this right now. You’re probably taking yourself for granted.

Walter Mitty

Source: Samuel Goldwyn

Everyone wants to be appreciated. It’s a need that all of us have. Sometimes people are made to feel bad for their need to feel needed. I don’t think that’s something we need to feel bad about. All of us are looking for the place where we belong. In a crazy world, we’re trying to find our fit, the place or the people or the dreams or the things that make us feel alive.

In our search for significance, we long to feel appreciated. Not necessarily for what we do, but also for who we are. But hey, it’s also nice to feel appreciated for what you do. To know that others value your contribution to the world, and to feel like what you bring has made a difference in someone else’s life. Continue reading

6 Surprisingly Profound The Lion King Moments

Everyone loves a good Disney movie, but it’s surprising just how profound The Lion King really is all these years later.

You may never look at Simba’s adventures the same ever again.

Lion King

Source: Disney!

Continue reading

Why Christian Guys Date Outside Their Church

One week he’s sitting by himself, the next he’s next to someone you don’t know. Here’s why Christian guys date outside their church.

Christian Bale

A Christian guy!… get it?


I recently wrote about Why Christian Girls Date Non-Christian Guys. I wrote it in response to a number of my female friends bringing up the feelings they’ve felt about trying to find a Nice Christian Guy, and whether or not one truly exists. I pretty much took real statements that I’ve heard been made and decided to have a look at where they’re coming from and what’s really behind the decisions and the pressures we face. Continue reading

2014 – The Year I Didn’t Think I’d Survive

This year was a year I didn’t think I’d survive… and Christmas is as good a time as any to be honest about it.

Not that I haven’t been honest about it before now, but at the end of the year and looking into 2015, it’s definitely a story worth sharing.


Me at Aomori, Japan earlier this year

Continue reading

When You Feel Like A Dirty Backslider

Been missing church? Feeling far away? Made a mistake and feeling judged by others? What do you do when you feel like a dirty backslider?


Shame is one of the most powerful human experiences. It’s that very distinct feeling of ugliness when you’ve either done something you believe to be wrong, or someone else makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong. That sense that you have been a disappointment. That cloudiness where you feel like a complete failure.

Such is the condition of the heart and mind when you mention the word “backslider”. Continue reading

The Loneliness of Leadership

How can you be surrounded by people, and yet feel so alone? This one goes out to anyone who has faced the loneliness of leadership.


An amazing sculpture I received from speaking at an APA Brisbane VBS last year

There are a number of oxymorons in our world. A friend pointed out to me last night when I mentioned I wanted to write this post that oxymoron itself is an oxymoron (a sharp dumb thing). Another one in my mind is being an unloving parent – I don’t understand how those two terms go together. Or how about an “unforgiving Christian” – how can someone’s whose worldview is founded on being forgiven, be unforgiving?

For me, one of the biggest ones that seems to make no sense is the notion of a lonely leader. But unfortunately, this is the reality of a lot of people who are in positions of influence. Continue reading

Confessions of an Average Guy

There are things that we keep to ourselves and don’t always say out loud. Here are some of my confessions of an average guy.


I think all of us to love to explore our issues through the lives of other people. Look at reality TV and talk shows. Two books I really enjoy are Confessions of a Pastor by Craig Groeschel, and Confessions of a Good Christian Guy by Tom Davis and Tammy Maltby. The authors are super upfront about their struggles and what they’ve faced in their life, and their honesty is freeing. I know I’ve found comfort in knowing there are people, even people of influence, who are open with their struggles and challenges, and I’ve found great lessons in their openness.

I like to write about a lot of things on this site, but this time I thought I’d write some of my own confessions. Continue reading

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