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6 Pros and Cons of Quitting Social Media

Not enough Likes, too many fake friends, and perhaps creating more problems than it solves - here are six pros and cons of quitting social media. It seems like every few weeks, I see that one statement pop up on my news feed. That one statement that people routinely frequent, or try for the first time, or truly commit to following through on it forever: "I'm quitting social media" I dunno if you know this, but there was actually a time before social media existed. I know I know. Breathe. Relax. Don't freak out. We struggle to remember our lives without Snapchat, Facebook, ...

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7 Reasons You've Gotta Just Do It

You've wasted enough of your life. Stop putting it off, making excuses, or avoiding it - it's time to just do it. The start of the year is the time when most people receive the most call to action. Everyone starts with new resolutions and dreams for the year. Valentine's Day in February calls on people to reevaluate their choices and actions in the area of relationships. Businesses, schools and families all get back into the swing of new routines and patterns that will frame the course of the next 365 days. For the first two months at least, it's the ...

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A White Male Conservative's Thoughts On Donald Trump

I'm a white male conservative, making me one of the most hated combinations on the internet today. Here's my thoughts on Donald Trump. It's true. I've discovered recently thanks to the likes of Social Justice Warriors, Buzzfeed and MTV that I am just a deplorable human being. SJWs and Buzzfeed in particular have really highlighted just how horrible it is that I'm male. Men suck. We're derogatory, we're inconsiderate, we're self seeking, we have no value for anyone other than ourselves... or at least that's what they tell me. That's what they told Hugh Mungus, and sent the internet into meltdown ...

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8 Potential Reasons You're Single for Valentine's Day

February 14th is one of the most introspective and hated days of the year. Here's why you might still be single for Valentine's Day. I can always tell Valentine's Day is approaching one of three ways. One - all the shops are going nuts with cards, flowers, chocolate, adult toys, and romantic movies. Two - all the restaurants are saying how much more expensive they're going to be around that day, annoying if you want to make any plans around that day, romantic or otherwise. Three... everyone constantly tagging everyone in memes about how they're still desperately single for Valentine's Day. It's ...

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My Problem With Jesus, Take The Wheel

One of the most common expressions Christians use today, but not entirely Biblical or fruitful - here's my problem with "Jesus, take the wheel". I wrote a while ago about My Problem with Christian Conferences. It certainly generated a whole lot of buzz. Usually when I write about sex or relationships, everyone wants to jump in on it (to the point where it's all some people think I write about), and this post actually stirred a similar level of interest. Today I thought I'd tackle another honest concern I have facing the Christian faith today, which is the overuse and perhaps ...

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Uh Oh, Nintendo: 5 Reasons The Switch Isn't Looking Great

In amidst all the hype and people raving about it, I've just got to say it - The Nintendo Switch isn't looking great. I'm a massive Nintendo mark. Have been for ages. I have a lot of their consoles and still play them quite regularly. I recently plugged my Gamecube in again and have been going through Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door again. Their games are second to none. Their hardware has been mostly outstanding to me. I'm even one of the few people (all 7 of us) who owns a Wii U and have gotten a fair bit of ...

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How Do You Move On?

I think more of us would be doing it if we knew how - how do you move on? The past few days on Facebook a friend has been posting about her journey to recovery and healing in her life. While everyone else has been going nuts about getting their Ashy Bines Booty Challenge in to gear or some naked yoga thing happening in Brisbane, she was sharing instead about her decision to choose healing. I wish stuff like hers got half the attention the other crap on social media gets. I'm sick of seeing Evil Kermit memes garnering more interest ...

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Moana is Awesome

Somewhat hidden underneath the release of the new Star Wars movie, a far superior film has hit the screens: Moana is awesome. Okay, okay fanboys and fangirls, settle down. I'm actually a massive Star Wars fan myself. I enjoyed Rogue One the first time. I would say it's probably the weakest of the Star Wars prequels (and I prefer the prequels) but has its moments. On New Years Eve, I saw Rogue One for the second time at the drive-ins with a few friends, but first in the line up for the evening was Disney's latest 3D animation, Moana. A summary of ...

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8 Pros and Cons of New Beginnings

It seems with another new year, everyone is ready to start again. But is that such a good thing? Here are 8 pros and cons of new beginnings. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we've made it into the most reflective portion of the adult calendar. The advent of another new year. 2017 approaches. Most of the feedback I've heard on 2016 has been that it was a pretty terrible for people. It's certainly been marred with a lot of unfortunate passings, including the recent passing of Carrie Fisher. The Republicans won the Election, Pokemon Go came and went, and Harambe was and still ...

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I'm Just A Man (2016 In Review)

There's been so much to happen across this year.... but I'm just a man. Here's a very open look at my 2016. December. It's here in force. That means Christmas approaches, which also means 2017. I was at my work Christmas party last week and was blown away by the fact that once again, the year is coming to a close. So many people I know have said that this year has gone by so quick, but for me, it definitely feels like a year has happened. There's been a lot of good and bad, like your year, and as always ...

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