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Days In The Sun - 2017 In Review

2017. I feel like I lived a whole lifetime in this year. From many dark days yearning for the return of the days in the sun, to the eventual dawning of new days, join me in taking a look back at the year that was. I can't believe it's been only a year since this time last year I was writing my review of 2016. In truth, it feels like it has been much longer since then.  I'm not sure what your year has looked like, but something I like to do here is write a review of every year. I'm ...

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Are You The Problem In Your Relationships?

It's not me, it's everyone else who's crazy! Or are these the words of ignorance? It's time to ask - are you the problem in your relationships? I wrote towards the start of the year about one of the most frequently used break-up lines in history - it's not you, it's me. At the time it seems so easy to use, and yet in the postmortem of our relationships we may find there was more to the death of the relationship than we initially acknowledged or heard about. I think blame shifting and blame laying are very common practices across all sorts ...

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Hide The Pain Harold knows what I'm talking about here

10 Things In Our Lifetime That Have Already Been Replaced

Feeling old yet? Here are 10 things in our lifetime that have already been replaced. I recently celebrated my 29th birthday, meaning the big 3-0 is right around the corner. People dread their 30s arriving with fear, as its the years when life usually hits you and very sternly asks you what you've been doing for the past three decades or so. But I'm actually looking forward to the 30s. Bring it on. The last little while, I've been thinking about all the things that use to exist that I remember seeing introduced in my lifetime, or around the time I was ...

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#MeToo: How Men Should Treat Women

Alyssa Milano asked, and thousands upon thousands responded. At the centre of a hashtag and a Hollywood scandal, we see underlined a problem that endures today: the issue of how men should treat women. Mature written content warning. For the past week and a bit, I had been thinking it's time I wrote another article looking at men's attitudes towards women in modern society. Then enters this week, with the litany of allegations towards Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, and a growing awareness of how truly apathetic people have been towards his actions over the years, whereby acts of harrassment and assault have been ...

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Judgmental frog is judging you...

My Problem With Don't Judge Me

Everyone wants justice, but not everyone wants to be judged... here's my problem with one of the most frequently used sentences in the entire world: "don't judge me". Never before in history have the terms Nazi, racist, bigot, or "X"-ophobe (insert your phobia of choice here) been more prevalent in the common lexicon of our society. Well, perhaps maybe during World War 2 where those terms really did apply and some would wear those with a badge of true honour, but I digress. We live in a world that is very much up in arms about standards towards morality, legality and ...

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The Seasons of Friends

Not everyone who comes into your life is going to stay. Like summer dawns and winter fades, we must learn to negotiate the seasons of friends. What comes to mind when you think of the biggest disappointments in your life? Or the biggest challenges you're facing right now? Some would say it's trying to achieve a certain milestone at work. Others might say supporting their partner or loved one through a difficult time. Some might even point to not making in to a certain team or college. For most people, I don't think I would be wrong in saying our biggest disappointments ...

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What Do You Do When People Don't Change?

Is it my fault, was there anything else I could've done, or is there something more going on? What do you do when people don't change? One day on my Facebook page I started posted some thoughts that had really helped me in my life. Whether it be negotiating work decisions or one of the leadership lessons that stuck with me, I just thought it'd be worthwhile to share a few things that made a marked difference for me. The response was quite overwhelming, and since then, I try to post as often as I can, with many people telling me ...

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Our Obsession With Outrage and Being Triggered is Destroying Society

Hyperbole is the order of the day, "civil discussions" are characterised by yelling and name calling, and people are losing their lives - we need to stop with the outrage and being triggered. Many people will have seen the recent riots in Charlottesville. Truly a tragedy in the midst of what has already been a tumultuous year on the Earth. Where there is disagreement on views, unfortunately violence soon follows. In this case, the ugly shadow of racism looms large in the wake of these recent events. I'm not a sociologist. I'm not a full-time student of international human rights. I don't fully ...

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My Problem With How We Worship Being Single

We get it. You can live a good life while you're single. But I really think the point is hammered to the point of being obsessive, to the point that we worship being single. It feels like every day I see at least 10 articles or memes about how awesome it is being single, including and not limited to clickbait-y GIF loaded posts like on HuffPost, those that are more inspirational and reflective in nature, and even posts by faith based Relevant Magazine. All of them labour the same points - you get to work on yourself, you don't have to hate your ...

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The Gender Ghetto of the Christian Faith

While we speak of the power of unity, we can be incredibly guilty of creating a divide between men and women, enforcing a gender ghetto within the Christian faith. Before I start, I would like to confess my absolute love for the Christian church. As a believer who has been involved in church life for a number of decades, I sincerely hold it with such high esteem. Most nights of the week, you'll find me helping out at or spending time with people I know from church. Not only have I seen my own life dramatically changed there, but I have ...

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