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What Do You Do When People Don't Change?

Is it my fault, was there anything else I could've done, or is there something more going on? What do you do when people don't change? One day on my Facebook page I started posted some thoughts that had really helped me in my life. Whether it be negotiating work decisions or one of the leadership lessons that stuck with me, I just thought it'd be worthwhile to share a few things that made a marked difference for me. The response was quite overwhelming, and since then, I try to post as often as I can, with many people telling me ...

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Source: Evelyn Hockstein/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Our Obsession With Outrage and Being Triggered is Destroying Society

Hyperbole is the order of the day, "civil discussions" are characterised by yelling and name calling, and people are losing their lives - we need to stop with the outrage and being triggered. Many people will have seen the recent riots in Charlottesville. Truly a tragedy in the midst of what has already been a tumultuous year on the Earth. Where there is disagreement on views, unfortunately violence soon follows. In this case, the ugly shadow of racism looms large in the wake of these recent events. I'm not a sociologist. I'm not a full-time student of international human rights. I don't fully ...

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My Problem With How We Worship Being Single

We get it. You can live a good life while you're single. But I really think the point is hammered to the point of being obsessive, to the point that we worship being single. It feels like every day I see at least 10 articles or memes about how awesome it is being single, including and not limited to clickbait-y GIF loaded posts like on HuffPost, those that are more inspirational and reflective in nature, and even posts by faith based Relevant Magazine. All of them labour the same points - you get to work on yourself, you don't have to hate your ...

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The Gender Ghetto of the Christian Faith

While we speak of the power of unity, we can be incredibly guilty of creating a divide between men and women, enforcing a gender ghetto within the Christian faith. Before I start, I would like to confess my absolute love for the Christian church. As a believer who has been involved in church life for a number of decades, I sincerely hold it with such high esteem. Most nights of the week, you'll find me helping out at or spending time with people I know from church. Not only have I seen my own life dramatically changed there, but I have ...

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5 Reasons Millennials Struggle to Find Mentors

When you're in your 20s and 30s, sometimes all you want is someone older to help guide your way. Here are five reasons millennials struggle to find mentors. One of the biggest issues I get raised to me by people in my age group is the question of finding the right mentors for this season of life. The ages between 20 and 40 are drastically diverse, and seeking direction from your peer group who are struggling with divergent issues to your own can be difficult. Sure, at the start of our 20s, all of us are in a similar boat - ...

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This was taken by me at the end of last year on a cruise of the Brisbane River

7 Things I Love About Brisbane (And 2 I Don't...)

Brisbane, Australia is probably the best city in the whole world. Or at least to me. Here are seven things I love about Brisbane. Okay, so I can't comment on the excellence of Brisbane in California (which is pronounced "Brisbaaaane" instead of what the Australians call "Bris-bin"), and I can't comprehensively rule out the greatness of all the other cities on earth, but my personal bias leads me to loving the city I was born in. Like most Brissie babies I was born at the Mater Hospital (now the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital), and have lived here for the majority of ...

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You Need To Stop Lying To Your Friends

I know you mean well and I know you think you have good intentions, but you really need to stop lying to your friends. Two of my friends recently hosted a corporate fundraiser in order to raise funds and awareness for one of their big events coming up fairly soon. The event is known as The Uprising and is centred around highlighting the state of the mental health of youth across Australia. The fundraiser featured the captain of the Brisbane Broncos, Darius Boyd, who shared his own personal struggles with anxiety and depression. Having lost several male figures in his life, ...

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Smashed Avo, $4 Coffees & 3 Things Millennials Don't Want to Hear

Another week, another off kilter comment on why millennials will never afford their own house. But are smashed avo, $4 coffees and our generation really such a sensitive combination? Above is the Avo-Latte. You may have seen this one doing the rounds in the past week. A cafe in Melbourne initially launched this idea, and it has been getting quite a bit of traction among different cafes. The move comes as, once again, there have been comments made about the millennial generation who wants to buy smashed avo, $4 coffees, and travel the world, and then complain they can't buy a ...

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My Problem With Covenant vs. Contract

Are all commitments unconditional? Are all promises kept regardless of what the other person does? Or are we grossly oversimplifying the truth? Here's my problem with "Covenant vs. Contract". In the 80s and 90s, people of faith were swept by the phrase, "It's not a religion, it's a relationship". The term religion had been broadly used to describe the Christian worldview, from its customs to its outworking in daily life. If you regularly went to church or the tabernacle, you upheld certain traditions and lived your life a certain way, you were said to be religious. One day, somebody woke up ...

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10 Things People Don't Usually Know About Me

Looks can be deceiving, and even after knowing someone for a while, they can still surprise you. Here are 10 things I find that people don't usually know about me. Isn't it amazing how long you can know someone and they can still surprise you? I remember catching up with some people last week I had known for several years, and finding out things I never knew about them. Jobs I never knew they had, fears I didn't know they carried, issues they had faced in their families. It was a real surprise. I find it fascinating if I ask people ...

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