The Creepy Guy Quiz – Find out if you’re a creepo!

Are you a creepy guy? Do women die a little inside when they see that face pop up? Take this Creepy Guy Quiz and find out!

The Creepy Guy Quiz!
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I know. You probably think you’re a nice guy. You’ve got it going on like Diddy Kong. You put the fine in financially stable. You put the man in can’t manage how hot you are. 

But do you put the bleh in bleh stop talking to me what are you doing?

Ah, well if you ever questioned whether or not you fit into that category or not, this specially designed Creepy Guy Quiz will help you work it out!

Question 1: Have you ever added someone at 3am in the morning?

You know a woman’s favourite time to get added by someone they’ve never met? 3am, when the shark fin is up and you’re in hunting mode.

Not really. But if you want to reinforce your creepiness more than your display pic is doing already, then go right ahead.

Question 2: Have you ever hit on someone who was already in a relationship?

Wedding rings, engagements, longterm dating relationships… who cares? I know you don’t. 

But maybe she values the man she already has in her life, and doesn’t feel comfortable receiving a “random compliment” about her figure when she’s sitting there with her beau already.

I mean, just putting it out there.

Question 3: …and continued to hit on them?

Okay, question 2 was a freebie, you didn’t know she was spoken for, everyone makes mistakes.

This is a backup question for you guys who’ll continue to do it anyway. You know who you are.

Question 4: Do you add people on social media so you can add their hot female friends on Facebook?

Why only talk to the women you know when you can talk to the women that everyone else knows? Look at all those potential options of people you could weird out!

Question 5: Do you continually message people you’ve never met and/or have no working relationship with?

There’s nothing better than hearing from Random Guy 34 after Random Guys 17, 22, and 24 have all responded to the new display picture a woman put up because she felt pretty good about herself in the photo. Nothing.

Oh, except hearing from them all the time.

Question 6: Are the first words you ever speak or message a person you’ve never met “Hey girl”?

“Hey girl I noe u neva met me but i think u look rly cute dm me lawlz”

That’s a girl’s favourite combination of words, don’t you know? Especially from some dude she’s never met or heard of in her life.

Question 7: Have you ever sent a DP to someone who you weren’t with?

Just in case you didn’t know, pics of yourself are weird unless prompted for or brought up in natural conversation.

Pics of your junk are always weird. Just in case you weren’t sure, cause I know a lot of guys aren’t. The ultimate revenge of course is when she sends it on to a bunch of your friends.

Question 8: Do you leave weird, constant, consistent comments on people’s photos?

You have 371 new notifications, all from that dude you never should’ve added. Are you the dude?

Question 9: Have you ever written a message that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see?

Messaging is private and unlocks something weird within us that makes us think certain things are acceptable to write. But maybe if we printed out your chat log or someone else you know saw your screen, then maybe you wouldn’t feel so good about it.

Some things are private, granted. But would that situation make you feel proud, private, or revealed as the creep you are?

Question 10: Is the intention of your heart to better this person or to get some?

You know why you’re talking to her. If that reason is creepy or seedy, then guess how you come across?

Question 11: Does she actually enjoy talking to you?

Okay, I know some of the other questions you could get out on. Maybe you comment on everyone’s photos like that. Maybe you do just flirt naturally. Maybe you do like growing your social network.

For every excuse you could come up with, question 11 is the ultimate decision maker of the Creepy Guy Quiz – does she want to keep talking to you? Would it be described as a pleasant conversation? Or are you that dude that she’s complaining to others about and asking some of her guy friends to step in and sort out?

There’s your metric.

Bonus points if more than one woman feels the same way about you and your approaches.

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions in the Creepy Guy Quiz, congratulations! You are part of the problem.

NB. On a serious note, I’m sick of my female friends having to deal with creepy guys hitting them up on social media or texting or even in person. It shouldn’t be so hard to be a pretty woman in our world, but it’s the overwhelming creepfest that I continue to hear about that necessitates things like this.

Straighten up, be a man, turn down the cologne, get rid of that dumb duck face pout that makes you look like a horny balloon, stop acting surprised when she doesn’t enjoy your gross advances, learn some respect, and treat her like a lady. 

Make sure to share this with any guys out there you think may benefit from the Creepy Guy Quiz! Remember the life you save may be your own! Sometimes they just don’t know.

Nah just kidding, he knows. 

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