Ever have a song describe exactly how you’re feeling? Here are 8 songs that really spoke to me.

Songs That Really Spoke To Me

Everyone loves music. There’s something about someone singing it instead of saying it that all of a sudden gives a sentence so much more meaning. Music can take you on a journey or transport you to somewhere else. It can bring you back to a memory, or help set you free in a moment.

Like you, there’ve been many different times in my life where a song has spoken to me where I’m at. Here are 8 songs that really spoke to me.

And these are probably songs you haven’t heard of before.

Before Midnight – Deas Vail

Album: This Place Is Painted Red

Not much to say on this one. I love it cause it’s a graceful song about making things right, naturally, before midnight. Complete with the ethereal sound of Deas Vail, this song has been a great way to settle the thoughts before having one of those big conversations where you make things right.

In Like A Lion – Relient K

Album: Apathetic

The story of Narnia is one of CS Lewis’ greatest accomplishments. Not only an engaging book for children and young adults, it is also full of amazing allegory. One of the greatest pictures it paints in the second book and the first film is the notion of it being always winter, but never Christmas. It’s a powerful picture of how often it feels like we’re frozen in life, in a season where certain things should be happening, but they aren’t.

Relient K uses this imagery to remind us that winter is always guaranteed… but spring is also guaranteed. And no matter how alone you feel, you never really are.

All I Need To Know – TFK

Album: The End Is Where We Begin

Oh boy. I could put so many TFK songs on here. There have been so many moments where Trevor and the boys have put together a ridiculously honest song that just takes the thoughts right out of your head – including their side project, FM Static.

But this song is a bit less metal than their other songs and is a great reminder of all you need to know in life.

It’s like a wave of understanding and I never could’ve planned it, where the questions and doubts all fade away

This song always seems to cycle through my playlists at the right time when I need a reminder of just how understood I really am.

Reminiscence – Yasunori Mitsuda

Album: Chrono Cross OST

And here’s the curve ball! Well, one of them. Hey, I had to put something slightly nerdy on this list.

But this track. Absolute beauty. You can’t even listen to it for even 10 seconds before the feelings of the track take you away. Man, there’s so much I could talk about regarding the game Chrono Cross. It’s a beautiful story of a boy’s journey for identity, our struggle with fate (and literally Fate), family, friends, purpose, memories, and so much more. And the entire soundtrack is a complete masterpiece. Maybe I’ll write more about this game one day, but I have a feeling my main readers probably aren’t the game-appreciation types.

Also known as “Unerasable Memory” or “Feelings Not Erased”, it is the theme song of two childhood friends and a lost future between them because of the main character’s apparent death. It’s just such a peaceful tune for evoking those childhood memories and thinking about how things are. Brilliant.

My Favourite Disease – TFK

Album: The Flame In All Of Us

I had to put another TFK song on here. They’re just that great.

This song is a bit more unconventional than most, but I love how accurately it portrays our struggle in life.

Sometimes I feel like a monster

Sometimes I feel like a saint

I’m on my knees, you’re my favourite disease

And I love the way you kill me, love the way you heal me

Based somewhat on the story of Job, it’s an amazingly humbling song for me throughout the different seasons of my life. It’s a reminder that as good as we are, we aren’t always really that good, and grace has really made a major difference in our lives.

Shoreline – Deas Vail

Album: All The Houses Look The Same

The song that helped name this website! Great piano, great vocals, great lyrics.

It’s a song about finding your place and where you’re going. So often in my life, I think I know exactly what life is going to look like. This song is always a reminder to me that there’s a greater plan than mine at work and there’s so much beauty in just following on.

Walk By Faith – Jeremy and Adie Camp

Album: Live Unplugged

Ah man. This song. In 2006, I had some massive things happen in my life, both with friends and family. It was such a difficult year for me, and I remember so many times not knowing exactly what to do or how to feel.

And man, this song. And not just the song itself, but the accompanying story Jeremy shared about the death of his first wife, and all the questions he had.

But sometimes we don’t always need to know all the answers. Sometimes all we need to do is walk by faith.

Every Time You Run – Manafest feat. Trevor McNevan

Album: The Chase

This. This would have to be my favourite song of all time.

Yes, it is that good.

But seriously, this song speaks to me of so much. I think I try to listen to this song as often as I can. It speaks of friends and family who’ve gone through deep struggles. It speaks to me of my own challenges in life. It speaks to me of feeling far away, but of how close we really are. It speaks to me of there always being an answer.

You have to get this in to you.

So there are some of the songs that have spoken to me over the years. There are many, many more, but I thought I’d like to mention a few of my favourites that really spoke to me. I’d encourage you to check them all out if you haven’t and support the artists, they’re all fantastic.

How about you? What are some of the songs that have really spoken to you over the years?

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