There’s been a fairly simple, fairly underrated yet fairly profound encouragement echoing through my mind for the start of the year – do the right thing even if you get the wrong result.

Do the right thing even if you get the wrong result
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The Twenties are back, baby. I hope you’re putting the full four digit year down on dates to keep the lawyers happy, that you’re over the jokes about 2020 vision (although I hope you have it physically and towards your purpose), and that you’re well acquainted with Baby Yoda.

There’s been a fairly simple thought going through my head for the start of the year. Usually I write in much greater depth on things with a whole bunch of research and reflection on the facets of life I’ve been thinking about, but in starting this year, I have been thinking about and living through what seems to be simple… and yet is one of the hardest things any of us can ever do. That is this – do the right thing even if you get the wrong result.

In life we face so many challenges. There is great power in sowing and reaping, and I think all of us have seen its power in full effect. And yet it can feel at times that you’re doing all the right things and not seeing the results you would expect or hope for.

It can be in the simple things like trying to keep a dog’s teeth clean, keeping up the exercise with slow results, or even wondering why the grass in your yard doesn’t stay growing. Or it can be in the more complicated things like investing in people without seemingly seeing any difference or return, like forgiving without reconciliation, like being your best but not being seen to be doing so.

And yet consistency will always win the day.

As I read it written recently, if you’re doing the right thing and not getting the right result, then at least you’re doing the right thing.

The truth is that nothing sown in faith is ever wasted. While we don’t always see an immediate harvest or a return in one area, the right actions will always come back to us. Just like the wrong actions will always come back to us.

So my simple encouragement to you for the start of the year is this – keep investing. Keep serving. Keep sowing and being generous. Keep forgiving and keeping an open heart. Keep opening your life to others. Keep treating people as you should, rather than hesitating when they don’t return in kind. This is my charge to you, and certainly the biggest charge I am giving myself at the moment.

Because one day, it’ll all come back to you, and if you’ve stayed faithful with what you can control, it’ll be a happy day indeed.

And don’t grow weary doing good, for in due season we will reap a harvest… if we don’t give up.

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