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The Divorce Epidemic

Divorce is a terrible thing that most of us have been exposed to at one point or another. How do you negotiate through the pain of being associated with a divorce, and how do you avoid it in your own life?


We seem to be getting better and better at monitoring statistics and having a general awareness of a lot more of the problems that people are facing in life. If you had a look 50 years ago compared to now, things like skin cancer, STDs and other diseases are being monitored in a much more effective manner. People are more aware of the risks such diseases possess, and have a better awareness of prevention and resolution.

A set of statistics we have been pretty good at for quite a while is that of divorce. In quite a number of places in the world, particularly Western nations, the number of divorces significantly increased around the time of the 70s. In the early 2000s, a lot of stats will tell us that divorce rates were at their peak, and by 2007-2009, the frequency has started to decrease again in the last few years.

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The Man Drought and Defining Eligibility



It seems that there is a struggle to find the right man that gets harder and harder as people get older.

The Man Drought is a phenomena which has been discussed at length over the last 10-20 years. It is commonly taken to be the perception that there are less eligible men than there are eligible women. It’s still pretty common to hear it mentioned in the press, as well as in many a late night conversation with friends. Those quoting statistics also profess that the Man Drought is not just an issue of perception, but an issue of fact.

So, is it true that there is a man drought?

Well, it depends who you ask.

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