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Is There Really A Christian Man Drought?

What do you do when it feels like there’s no one out there for you? Are we really in the middle of a Christian man drought?

Is there really a Christian man drought?
Source: Wong Fu Productions (from the brilliant Single By 30 on YouTube Premium)

It’s been a little while since I’ve last posted something here. That’s because my wife and I have been in Europe for our anniversary. We went across England, Ireland, France and Greece. From London to Stratford to Galway to Paris to Athens, and even more places in between, we’re back and refreshed, ready for the next chapter of life.

I returned from our holiday to find that the ABC published a super popular, highly resonate article regarding the man drought in the Christian community. I have written a few times about the perceived man drought in the past, but this article in particular seemed to reach far and wide across the faith community, scratching at a perceived reality that affects people to the core of who they are. This, coupled with Singles Day in China causing multiple billions’ dollars worth of sales on the Alibaba site alone, is definitely of note at this time of the year.

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The Man Drought and Defining Eligibility



It seems that there is a struggle to find the right man that gets harder and harder as people get older.

The Man Drought is a phenomena which has been discussed at length over the last 10-20 years. It is commonly taken to be the perception that there are less eligible men than there are eligible women. It’s still pretty common to hear it mentioned in the press, as well as in many a late night conversation with friends. Those quoting statistics also profess that the Man Drought is not just an issue of perception, but an issue of fact.

So, is it true that there is a man drought?

Well, it depends who you ask.

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